Thomas Egense

Thomas Egense

The artist and mathematician Thomas Egense (born in 1972) is known as "The explorer of beauty in chaos". All of his creative artwork is within the field of fractal art.

I am a digital artist who use mathematics to create art. It took me three years to create a unique program capable of making pictures by using a technique called fractal flames. One of my priorities is giving my art a realistic look - as if it was painted using a real brush - thus creating an aesthetic look when printed on canvas or other materials, and thereby combining the digital media with real nature. Creating the perfect picture is like going on a quest with a camera seeking inspiration, except I am standing still and my virtual world changes around me. The universe of fractals is infinite, and the beautiful structures are rare and unique. When I find something midst the chaos, I make the world stop and go in slow motion in many different directions to examine it. Sometimes, when seen from a very specific angle, I have my picture and I take the shot, capturing the moment in the realm of chaos.

"Mathematics contains vast landscapes of complexity and structure. I am a humble explorer travelling through a particular mathematical landscape in which chaos reigns. Every little step I take changes the view dramatically. Thus I am very conscious about my steps. Whenever I discover a place that I sense holds beauty within, I take a break in my journey. I stay in the same place for as long as it takes to carve out and paint the beauty that is hiding. A feeling in my body tells me when I am done. It is an intensive and time consuming process but also a very rewarding one." -- Thomas Egense, 2011

2000: Graduated from Aarhus University as Cand.Scient.
Major in mathematics, minor in phycics.
2000-2012: Working as Software developer for various companies:
LEC, Maersk-Data, Acure, IBM and State University Library of Denmark.
2011-: Began working as an digital artist creating fractal flames art with a program that took 3 years to create.
2012: Started selling his pictures and having them displayed at exhibitions

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